Really? Another white girl with a blog?

Yes, that’s right!

So why should you read it? To be perfectly honest, you probably shouldn’t. But I’ve always been a fan of doing things that I shouldn’t, provided that they’re not harmful things. So here’s hoping this blog is never harmful, and here’s hoping that you share my distaste for most social norms.

In short, I’m Julia. I’m a Mid-City Los Angeles native and aspiring musician who has recently decided to stop hiding my dreams from the world even if they sound silly. In the words of a wise friend, “All dreams are stupid. What’s yours?”

I just graduated from college a few short weeks ago, and I’m already feeling the overwhelming uncertainty that all recent grads have to tackle. So in order to create the illusion of some sort of outlet, this is where I’m going to be cataloguing my non-adventures for at least the next year. Welcome to my music taste, my job search, my memories-to-be. Welcome to my virtual presence! It’s not that exciting, but I’m going to attempt to embody the experience of the young twenty-something yelling into the void, unsure whether she cares if anybody at all is listening.


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